What type of marketing do you need for your IoT company?

For each type of tech company, a different approach to marketing exists. Regarding the IoT sector, the intertwining of stakeholders stresses the need for developing a specific, yet concomitant, strategy.


The IoT Valley in South of France: Silicon Valley of Things

Ten years after the creation of one of the first IoT clusters in the south of France: IoT Valley Toulouse, initiated by the founder of Sigfox, we will see how this logic makes profits to all the value chain and whether it can be replicated.


How will nanotechnology impact every IoT pain points

There is a point where tech revolutions meet and amplify each other. Nanotechnology will be a far bigger game-changer for IoT than 5G. It will change the integrality of the IoT architecture and allow IoT deployment at a scale we can’t imagine.


Navigating IoT regulations in the EU

Most companies see public decision processes — law and norms — as a black box for read-only. Although organising a huge and long lobbying campaign is likely to be both uncertain and expensive, it doesn’t mean you have to be disconnected from this world. The sooner you become aware of a future law or norm that may affect your business (positively or negatively), the more possibilities you have to adapt your strategy accordingly or to even impact the decision-making.