About DXM

The agency is led by Victoria Sandberg, based in Lund (SE), and Benjamin Daix, based in Warsaw (PL). Together we've been operating for 3 years in the Nordic tech network.

Our main focus is on IoT B2B solutions. We help various companies sell their IoT products and services, either mature or still in-development, to other companies.
We are mastering the entirety of the IoT value chain, from technical aspects, hardware and software, to other ways of monetizing data.

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victoria sandberg

Victoria, born in Moscow, studied International Business Management and Marketing in Poland, the US and UK.  
Living in a Nordic tech hub, Lund, for more than 5 years, she has participated in building and launching of several tech start-ups from Sony in-house research and incubation hub.

Besides marketing, she has a very extensive understanding and expertise in B2B tech and IoT ecosystems, including VC relations and negotiations, business and sales strategy, go-to-market strategy, as well as is very knowledgeable in the regional entrepreneurial network (Copenhagen, Malmö, Stockholm).

Outside of her work, she is very interested in women and LGBT+ rights in Poland and beyond.


Business Strategy
B2B marketing
B2B Lead Generation


Action planning
Team management
Public speaking
Media training


Tech & IoT
Rights equality

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Benjamin daix

Born in the French countryside in 1985, has lived in Warsaw, Poland for 6 years.
He graduated his Master's degree in European Public Affairs in Brussels, where he gained a deep understanding of the European law and norms development and logic, as well as influence and lobbying.

He has progressively moved towards creation and marketing, working several years as a creative freelance for pharmaceutical and tech companies.

Fascinated by Internet of Things, he has a deep understanding of the IoT value chain. His articles, in particular focusing on smart villages and how to reverse the rural depopulation with social and innovative solutions, can be found in the worldwide IoT media hub: iotforall.com.


IoT ecosystem
Content marketing
Creative direction


EU lobbying
Motion design
Graphic design


IoT & smart cities / villages
French politics
Architecture and design
Drums player

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