marketing solutions
for B2B tech & IoT Startups IN the baltic sea region


We are an international team of experts based in Malmö and Warsaw, with more than 12 years of experience in business strategy, branding and marketing . We’ve been working with established businesses and start-ups. Over the years we've developed a deep understanding of B2B tech and IoT markets, helping in start-ups launch as well as advising corporate clients.

From strategy to execution, we will prove to you that marketing is not a cost but an investment. Similarly to engineering, your marketing needs to begin with bright ideas and develop through research, consistency and constant adjustments.

We believe in the power of content marketing being the main driver of growth, leads and long lasting demand-generation.


b2b tech

Creating your own content targeting your audience, from scientific to non-tech journalists. Our design studio can handle the graphic design and execution.


Building your audience before creating your product. We will help you stand out and receive recognition on the market.
Our team can also provide copywriting services for IoT matters.

b2b tech marketing strategy

Implementing the cost-effective and results-driven solutions to sell your products.

Strategic monitoring

Monthly report customised to your activity covering the high stakes (EU laws and norms, business and innovation, tenders and contests, and press review)


360°-creative campaigns to support your brand awareness, growth and sales.

early stage start-ups consulting

Conferences and workshops for incubators, accelerators and schools in Sweden, Denmark and Poland.

LAtest blog articles


Each startup company should have a different approach to marketing, which will depend on its field and its product maturity. Regarding deep tech startups, a radically different target to address makes it a very specific category.

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What Impact Will Nanotechnology Have on IoT?

As IoT matures, the sensor itself or the nerve of IoT architecture, will be deeply upgraded with sensitivity down to the molecular level. The nanosensors will be able to detect micro modifications in pressure, temperature, or chemical composition.

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Navigating IoT regulations in the EU

Most IoT companies see public decision processes — law and norms — as a black box for read-only. Although organizing a huge and long lobbying campaign is likely to be both uncertain and expensive, it doesn’t mean you have to be disconnected from this world.

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