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Your hosts

Vic Sandberg, Creator, Showrunner and Host of Minus Million Dollar Idea Podcast
For over 12 years Vic Sandberg has been working in the space of marketing communications in the tech industry. She is a co-founder of DXM Agency, a boutique marketing comms company for B2B tech companies and a mentor at Sony Startup Acceleration Program. She holds a degree in International Business Management from Bradford University and currently resides in Lund, Sweden - the silicon valley of Europe. She is also an activist and a feminist and a founder of Internation Women’s Strike Malmo, a grassroots movement fighting for women rights.

Anders Gullander, Executive Producer & Co-host of Minus Million Dollar Idea Podcast
For 15 years Anders has been working with tech & startups. From hardware manufacturing to internet devices for dogs. As a Product Manager Anders has worked closely with researchers, engineers & designers helping them translate client’s needs into beautiful, trusted and high-quality products. Acting as a bridge between technical and business worlds, helping to break down complex problems into tangible product requirements. This with a clear vision about what needs to be done and with having a clear positive impact on shaping global products. He is also a passionate musician and a surfer.


Published 22th May 2021

Tune in and slow the F down! - with Magdalena Jensen
This time we got to chat to Magdalena Jensen - an absolute lady boss about mindful entrepreneurship, why it’s more than ok to pivot in life and the importance of self-care.

Published 20th April 2021

Startups! Startups! Startups! - with Rodrigo Rios
In this episode, Rodde tells us about his road from Ipanema beach to running Sony Startup Acceleration Program in Sweden, and all the lessons startup founders should take to heart.

Published 28th February 2021

Ideas are cheap; execution is gold - with Jack Przemieniecki
This episode, Jack tells us about his multiple businesses, from digital ad spaces to healthy salads, and everything in between. Join us to learn how to run several startups in multiple countries and why you should never underestimate your drunk customers.

Published 13th January 2021

Minus Million Dollar Idea is a podcast about startups and the people who make it and break it.Join us we have real conversations and hear war stories of what its actually like starting a company