460° discovery WORKSHOP

1 day at the client


Find your hidden growth levers by digging deep into the roots of your business. We help you figure out the unknown in a one day workshop with our team.

Are you in the business you think you are in? Are you targeting the right audiences?

Do your audiences care enough about your product? Are you overdeveloping your hardware? Are you selling enough to satisfy your investors? Do you use the right language with investors? Are you targeting right investors for you?

We will help you figure this out and learn soemthing new.

what do we deliver?


  • One day business discovery workshop with your business key players
  • Half-a-day delivery meeting
  • Visual blueprint & recommendations

what do we deliver?


  • 1 newsletter per week, sent every friday afternoon in PDF, and commented to guide you.
  • 1 book per month sent to you by post

460°  strategic MONITORING

1 newsletter per week


EU law & news, opinion articles, international press, books, events...

We curate the most relevant informations concerning your business and your sector, beyond the traditional sources of reading.

branding makeover workshop

2 days at the client


Do you wish to re/think your branding identity ? Before rushing into naming and visuals, we guide you to identifying the tangible and untangible elements of a solid branding, the its DNA, to connect your customers in a deep and meaningful way.

what do we deliver?


  • Setting up a brand platform
  • Moodboard
  • Prototypes & recommendations



We get how hard it is to get 'it' just right, and that the success of your business depends on many 'its'. We thrive in getting things just right for you. We might be just the 'it' for you if:

You are a startup within IoT space, only preparing to launch your product or seek advice with existing tech you put on the market

You are a growing business looking to enter the IoT market with a new tech product.

You are a bigger company with an IoT department, looking for guidence in the new space of IoT

You have nothing to do with IoT, but want to rebrand your company or product.



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